Terriers Sports

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1.    Nate Freiman's 18th inning walk-off single against Mariano Rivera (2013)*

2.    Murphy Vandervelde’s Career Ending Walk Off Bucket Winning Home Run (2005)

3.    Devon Morton's Career Ending, final out, game saving, first career HR following 6 consecutive foul HRs.(2015)

4.    James Dolan's final play of game strip, recovery & 50 yard return for TD for epic 50-49 win. (2016 Legends)

5.    Mark Harrington, Teddy Daniel & Owen Morton's back to back to back HRs in their final Terriers at bats. (2013)

6.    Ducks turn Jay Driver's 5th inning bucket game bomb off White Monster into double play
      (Wyatt Barlage-Cole Kennedy-Ryan Madden) (2012)

7.    Stu Porter’s Record Setting 32 Home Run Week (2004)

8.    Zach Adams 12 consecutive points "with" the Wolverines (2014)

9.    Louis Fay teaches CJ about Sportsmanship - and Baserunning (2014)

10.  Zoey's visit to the mound with Cramer & next pitch HR from Derz in first Legends Baseball Bucket game (2016)

11.   "The Dolan Bowl" White 103 - Green 100 victory in first Legends Football Bucket game (2016)

12.    Hoosiers re-set record for fewest runs allowed in a week at Terriers (9) (2015)

13.    Hoosiers set a new record for consecutive shutout innings (13) (2015)

14.  Crew Ainge’s 60 Point Performance in the Basketball Bucket Championship Game (2008)

15.   Jack Vandervelde’s Shoeless & Shirtless Hurricane Bucket Winning Performance (2007)  

16.   Ricky Surum’s 15 to 1 Come From Behind Dodgeball Victory (2009)

17.   Henry's triple hat trick (9 goals) in one soccer game (2015)

18.   Hoosiers - Jumbos unreal basketball game with a Matt Oulette buzzer beater (2015)

19.   Black & Blue's epic 11 inning Bucket Semi-Final breaks record for longest game (2015)

20.   Robbie Marshall's last second game tying free throws in front of the Terriers Mob (2015)

21.  Mikey Roberts' 10 to 1 Come from Behind Dodgeball Victory (2011)

22.  Little Will gets carried off the Dodgeball Court celebrating a second grader beating a team of older kids (2012)

23.  Longhorns break record for fastest Dodgeball win ever - 28 seconds (2014)

24.  Lauren Dillon’s Leaping Football Bucket Winning Touchdown Catch (2006)

25.  8 Year Old Nate Freiman’s Interview in the Channel 5 Terriers Story (1996)

26.  King Phil's ridiculous diving catch in left to preserve the win, Brandon Panell's diving catch to rob a home run (2015)

27.  Andrew Pini's Never Quit Dodgeball Comeback Buzzer Beater
      (Down 3-1 with 30 seconds left & 2-1 with 10 seconds - wins @ buzzer) (2013)

28. Matt Gareau goes 4/4 with four home runs, two grand slams, and a game ending diving catch to preserve the win (2015)

29.  Cooper Ainge’s  Behind the Back Half Court Buzzer Beater (2006)

30.  Matt Eldridge’s Performance in the Channel 5 Red Sox First Base Tryout Story (2004)

31.  Chan Groccia's Bicycle Kick off a full field feed from Will Mountzoures (2014)

32.  Karpy's last minute game tying and game winning hockey goals (2005)

33.  Ryan Cassdy’s Fence Crashing Diving Catch (2006)

34. Tom McAvoy’s Head Slam in the First & Last Coach's Slam Dunk Competition (2005)

35. Final day of summer 2015's water slide.  Unreal atmosphere and human bowling (2015)

36. "Rave Thursday" Scott Johnson, Max Willrich, Griffin Walker, Matt Russell, Dan Sorrell (2016)

36. Grady Cook's "Don't Stop Believing" (2016 Legends) 

37. Brino's bucket semi last second game tying free throws silences "The Mob"

38. J$'s Terriers Career

39. "Let's Go Mikey!" 

* Did not happen at Terriers but has to be #1