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 Drew Petzing - Minnesota Vikings Assistant Coach

"My desire to pursure a career in coaching was strongly influenced by the many memorable weeks I spent at Terriers.  I jumped at the opportunity to follow in the steps of the coaches I had looked up to & learned from to give back the great experiences I loved as a kid.  Terriers taught me about sportsmanship & the importance of being part of a team.  Learning those like skills have proved to be extremely important in my life on and off the field."

Will Mountzoures, CIT & Coach

My experiences as a CIT and Coach at Terriers taught me and others how to respectably conduct ourselves in a work environment, and represent a program with our attitudes and actions. I will carry this with me into future work experiences and other aspects of my life. 

Pam Buckley,Parent
Just a quick note to let you know that Ben had a great time at Terriers this week and enjoyed being a CIT!  You run a great program, and I just wished to say thank you! 

Julia Steen, Parent

We just wanted to thank you for another great couple of weeks for Sam & Jack at Terriers.  They both had a super time, and Rob and I truly appreciate all that you do for the kids.  It is a really wonderful opportunity for them to learn some important life lessons and skills, and have fun in the process.

Marnee Saltalamacchia, Parent

Thanks so much for letting Robbie participate with your great program.  He would like to come again next year!  We feel fortunate to have had such a great opportunity for our son as a CIT this year.  

Paula Ryan, Parent

I don't know what we would do without Terriers!  It has made the kid's summers for so many years!

Rick & Hillary Pini, Parent

Andrew has had the best experience being a CIT. He's grown and matured thanks to the opportunity.  Terriers is the best!